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New Impulse. New Impact.
The Brand Identity Expert.

Strong Brands are the Result of sound Leadership.

Establishing a synergetic business partnership with megapublic is as flexible as you wish. Regardless if your company seeks to get the most appropriate depth of insight and skill relevant to the strategic issues you seek assistance with or simply the added value of refreshing ideas and independent thinking.

megapublic serves companies not only via its agency in Switzerland, and through its international network of strategic partner agencies in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and USA, but also offers the possibility to rent its senior brand consultants ad interim at client locations worldwide, i.e., as strategic branding director, naming consultant or creative director. The interdisciplinary consultant assists companies in specific assignments, as well as in managing their entire branding/marketing programs. Providing strategic and creative services that span from brand strategy/development, naming, corporate design, new media, marketing tasks to multinational advertising campaigns and project management.

Via megapublic in Basel/Switzerland:

  1. Annual budget: long-term cooperation agreement on the basis of a yearly agency budget.
    i.e.: Full branding/marketing service and account management for companies and products.
  2. Projects: Project supervision, invoiced at cost, or according to all-in fee or provided budget.
    i.e.: Brand identity development; Marketing plan; Pharmaceutical advertising campaign.
  3. Specific tasks: invoiced at cost or according to all-in fees.
    i.e.: Brand name development; Annual report design; Strategic brand consulting.

Ad interim management/Outdoor consulting (locally and abroad):

  1. Short-term assignments: 3 days to 20 days, invoiced at cost (daily fees) plus expenses.
    i.e.: Strategic/Creative consulting; Brand/Marketing consultancy.
  2. Long-term assignments: 20 days to 60 days, invoiced at cost (monthly retainer) plus expenses.
    i.e.: Strategic/Tactical planning, development and execution of international branding programs; interim Creative/Brand/Project Direction/Management.

  3. Assignment examples:
    • Direct the brand development/communications for a new product
    • Manage marketing projects - from concept to implementation
    • Mastermind the implementation of global commercial programmes and initiatives
    • Coordinate corporate events, exhibitions or tradeshows overseas
    • Supervise corporate missions as a mobile consultant abroad

1. If you require additional information about megapublic, an online form for requesting the branding consultants' documentation is available.
2. To outline your assignment, or to inquire about conditions, please call megapublic at +41-(0)61-263 33 36 or inquire through the online form.


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