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Your Brand. Your Future. Consult the Global Branding Specialist.
The Brand Identity Expert.

Delivering the optimal Mix of strategic Guidance and creative Vision.

megapublic is a brand development firm with a proven track record in successfully positioning and executing a wide range of branding and marketing programs in blue-chip and high-end environments. Their extensive experience and entrepreneurial approach with focus on market development, corporate communications and branding strategies have helped companies succeed to achieve strong market profile and generate sustainable revenue. The international branding experts offer an array of consulting services that assist and guide companies in the creation and optimization of their brand assets. Spanning all disciplines from consultation, audit, strategy, creative development, implementation to management.

Value-centric from beginning to end. This statement best describes the customer philosophy of megapublic. To care exclusively for selected clients on the basis of competency, reliability and effectiveness. To understand their goals and to pursue them in accountability to the clients. To advice with strategic guidance and creative vision. To develop outstanding work with a passion for excellence. And to build market value through their assets by addressing the clients' needs and the expectations of their markets.

Simple in words but powerful in execution. Such is the working methodology of megapublic. Distill the essential qualities and strengths of a company and its products. Align these values with the anticipations of the company's stakeholders and markets. Deliver consistently on the strategy through orchestrated brand and marketing communications at all customer touch-points.

The agency's infrastructure is cost-efficient in size and flexible in the way it can adapt to customer requirements. Be it as full-service branding company in Switzerland, or by sending a consultant to the client's location abroad. The agency itself is represented by two interdisciplinarily skilled senior consultants, specialized in optimizing high-level branding and communication processes. Executives who know how to maximize their talents to deliver effective and creative business solutions. They are backed by external experts whenever complex international communication programs are on the agenda.

megapublic's main competencies include:

Corporate Branding
Brand Strategy
Brand Positioning
Brand Leadership
Brand Identity/Corporate Identity
Brand Naming
Corporate Design & Package Design
Integrated Communications
Strategic Marketing
Corporate Communications
New Media (e-Branding & e-Marketing)


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