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Capabilities :: Corporate Naming

The verbal identity is a tactical key component of the brand. Strong brand names auto-perform the branding through their voice, building brand value on a constant basis. This capability, and the rapid increase in demand - there are currently, as of 2002, approx. 25 million registered trademarks plus 44 million e-Brands/domains worldwide - are the reasons why the art of creating outstanding trademarks today has become a challenging process.

megapublic works with companies as a full-service agency in Switzerland, on a per project basis, or may assign a senior branding director for interim contracts for interim management contracts at their locations abroad. The one-stop consultant can direct the entire brand naming process from audit, strategy, positioning, development, screening to trademark registration. Agency services in the field of corporate naming include competencies such as:

• Corporate naming: global brand name consulting for new companies, products and services
• Analysis, audit and research: markets, target groups, competition, values, linguistics, existing brands
• International brand positioning and naming strategy
• Development of the naming strategy and nomenclature / brand name architecture
• Name development for master brands, umbrella brands, sub-brands and product brands
• e-Brands: Internet domain name branding and global domain registration
• Verbal identity: from slogan and tagline to headline
• International trademark research and registration for new brand names
• Topical exploration of key themes to achieve competitive differentiation

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