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Your Brand. Your Future. Consult the Global Branding Specialist.
The Brand Identity Expert.


megapublic is the quintessence of a branding, marketing and advertising agency, with deep practical experience in blue-chip environments. Seasoned in developing integrated promotion programs for companies and products that work across diverse cultures and markets, offline as well as online.

The interdisciplinary consultant is a one-stop provider for globally-focused corporate branding, design and marketing solutions. Directing and implementing the entire process throughout the voice of a client's brand. From brand strategy to brand identity. From marketing communication packages to international advertising campaigns. From corporate naming to e-branding and corporate design.

megapublic works with companies to build value and awareness through their corporate assets by providing capabilities that include services such as:

Brand Leadership
Brand and Marketing Strategy
Brand Positioning
Corporate Branding
Brand Identity/Corporate Identity
Brand Naming
Corporate Design
Integrated Communications
Corporate Communications
New Media (e-Branding & e-Marketing)


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