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Capabilities :: New Media / e-Branding / e-Marketing

Much has been said about the Internet's value as a global, dialogue-oriented medium. Even though its full potential and economic implications are neither exhausted nor yet in sight. Evident, however, is the fact that still many companies are not fully utilizing the Internet's potential in terms of global branding, Web-based customer loyalty/relationship management, B2B communications and e-marketing. Educating the corporate management, hiring skilled employees, and choosing the right branding consultant will recover these missed opportunities.

Multinational corporations operating online in different countries and markets face challenges, too. Problems, which have less in common with the aspects of information technologies, but much more to do with the commercial performance of their online ventures. Often, the budget has been spent on content management systems, IT staff, and in local Web design companies delivering individual user interfaces based on either outdated branding systems or on none at all. However, the goals to reach new customers and markets, and to optimize existing brand assets have not yet succeeded in full.

Such problems derive from the fact that these companies have failed to invest pro-actively in a global strategic branding program - they have underestimated the need for a strong global brand vision and for a direct marketing program adapted to the Internet.

An integrated corporate e-branding and e-marketing system is imperative for any corporation venturing in multinational markets, because it enables all corporate marketing components to work economical and in synergy - from corporate identity and product branding to customer relationship management and search engine positioning.

megapublic works with companies as a full-service agency in Switzerland, on a per project basis, or may assign a senior branding director for interim contracts for interim management contracts at their locations abroad. The one-stop consultant can direct the entire new media process from strategy, concept, authoring, design, engineering, implementation to management. Agency services in the field of digital media include competencies such as:

• e-Branding: strategic consulting and brand leadership for global digital branding systems
• Global Web positioning: exploration and identification of brand values, themes and messages
• Strategic & creative concepts for Web-based customer loyalty programs
• Corporate Web site: site architecture, user navigation, authoring, design and management
• Domain naming: development and registration of strong e-Brands
• e-Marketing: B2B marketing, online advertising campaigns, viral marketing strategies
• Global search engine positioning for companies, products and services
• Trendometer®: megapublic's proprietary online trend research software
• Engineering of brand management and marketing-based Web applications
• Information architecture: effective and efficient data structuring systems for user-friendly navigation


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