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Branding stands for all coordinated activities to build a lasting favorable public image - the brand. The most vital elements to build a strong brand are excellent products and customer services, a differentiating market positioning, and the corporate brand identity along with an eloquent value system. The most important channels to deliver and anchor the brand proposition are a sound marketing strategy, customer relationship management, employee dedication, and integrated marketing communications. The brand itself is the sum of all the experiences its customers have with a company or product, while the mission of the brand is to influence favorably in advance to buy and to strengthen customer loyalty. While an organization may establish and manage its brand, it is ultimately the customer who builds brand equity.

The power of a brand depends on the trust it evokes and is also represented by and dependent upon its values. For employees, strong brands represent a secure place to build their careers and help them to identify with their company. For shareholders, they indicate a safe and profitable investment. For customers, they promise reliable products and prestigious services. That's why companies investing in a strong brand at the same time increase the future value of their corporate assets.

To build and maintain a strong brand, an unique value proposition is required. A willingness to innovate, as well as to focus on clearly defined market segments. And most importantly: creative vision that transforms, delivers and anchors the brand message consistently.

megapublic works with companies as a full-service agency in Switzerland, on a per project basis, or may assign a senior branding director for interim contracts for interim management contracts at their locations abroad. The multi-disciplinary brand consultant can direct the entire branding process from strategy, concept, design, implementation to management. Agency services in the field of brand leadership include competencies such as:

• Brand strategy: the strategic framework, including brand audit, analysis & exploratory
• Brand architecture: development of the branding structures, brand hierarchy and drivers
• Brand positioning: unique selling proposition, differential advantages and sustainable values
• Brand concept: brand image definition, brand message creation, linking communication strategy to vision
• Brand design: brand identity development (visual/verbal brand personality)
• Brand communications: creating and delivering an integrated brand experience through multiple communication channels
• Brand management: i.e. interim project management for a multinational brand launch / corporate identity system enforcement
• Brand naming: brand name/tagline/slogan development for a company, product or service
• e-Branding: online brand-building and digital brand leadership, i.e. for product branding
• Internal corporate branding programs
• Specific assignments within the process of brand development and brand-building strategies


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