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Cultured Brand Expertise.
Philippe Wiede - Senior Brand and Marketing Consultant.
megapublic consultant delivers brand vision worldwide.

Creative Leadership paired with strategic Business Thinking.

Philippe Wiede - Founder and Strategic Creative Director of megapublic

At the head of megapublic you will find a senior and seasoned executive who brings passion to his work and results to his clients. A man who has gathered expert knowledge in the areas of corporate branding and international marketing communications. Bringing with him a deep market experience ranging from local to global brands, and from fast moving consumer goods to tourism and multinational Business-to-Business services.

Philippe Wiede, 1964, born in Germany, Swiss/UK citizen, has been working interdisciplinarily for over 23 years in the marketing industry. As advertising strategist, copywriter and award-winning senior design director for formerly top-rated Swiss advertising agencies. As online marketing expert and information architect for international e-Business ventures. And today, as the executive managing and creative director of megapublic, a high-end branding agency focussing on the development of strong branding and communication systems for globally engaged enterprises.

Having acquired a synergistic left brain and right brain balance, Philippe Wiede uses his combined skills and disciplines to produce superior results. He operates in a dynamic environment where creative vision is top of mind, but strategic management skills and entrepreneurial thinking are mandatory too. He has a strong understanding of branding missions that cross multinational organizations and knows how to define and guide a company's brand vision. To keep the big picture in perspective, and to plan and execute creative and management functions in parallel outline another part of his repertoire.

As an interconnected cosmopolite, Philippe Wiede has met divergent cultures, market conditions and business challenges that span from Europe to Asia. These experiences, as well as dealing regularly with corporate executives from all over the world today shape his understanding of what effective business communications is all about.


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